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Uncompromising on American Values

Faith, Family, Freedom and Opportunity is what makes America the greatest country in the world. It will only stay that way if we elect leadership who will not bend to politicians who want to take away our freedoms. Mark Robertson defended our country in the military for 30 years. Now it’s time to take that fight to Washington!

Family. Freedom. Prosperity.

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Why I chose to run for Nevada’s 1st Congressional District.


Colonel Mark Robertson represents American values and will be uncompromising in his fight to save your freedom, your family, and your opportunities.  After 30 years of military service, followed by a successful business career, Mark has proven that he has what it takes to fight and win in Washington.

Join the 2024 Warrior Brigade

We’re forming a brigade of 2,000 warriors who will stand together against the tide of socialism, open borders, unchecked government spending, and attacks on our Constitutional liberties.

As a token of your membership in the Brigade, you’ll receive this unique challenge coin.

“I’m running for Congress so that our kids and grandkids can grow up with the same freedoms and opportunities we had.”

– Col. Mark Robertson

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