Yes, America is exceptional.

America is not a nation like any other. It is special. The American founding was one of the great moments of human history. The teachings of the Bible, mixed with the philosophies of the Enlightenment, and the courage of the Founding Fathers combined to give us a society based on the principles of natural rights and self-government.

This was revolutionary!

There were smaller, similar experiments like this in Rome and Greece, but none were as large or successful or long-standing as the American experiment.

We are truly blessed.

When you’re born and raised in America, it’s easy to believe that every country is like ours. But we are an exception in the world, not the norm.

Throughout history, most people have lived as slaves or serfs. We have the opportunity to live as citizens.

To be good citizens, we must be informed and engaged. We must be PARTICIPANTS, not spectators. To have liberty, we must bear responsibility.

Our government derives its powers from the consent of the governed. “We The People” are the ultimate source of “checks and balances.”

We must ensure that those we elect to represent us truly understand, honor, and defend the guiding principles of our Constitutional Republic.

America is the number one destination in the world for immigrants. When people cross the southern border into America from Mexico, they do not encounter people going the other way. That tells us that what we have is good. It is the desire of people from countries around the world who are not as fortunate as we are.

We do not need to “fundamentally change America.” We cannot stand for those who wish to tear down our history and radically alter our future. What we have is good because what we had is good. We need to preserve it and pass it on, so that generations yet to come can benefit from the blessings of western values and American ideals.

Our Founding Fathers knew that by signing the Declaration of Independence, they were putting their families, careers, and lives on the line. They were defying England, the greatest military force on the planet. But they knew that building a nation where freedom could flourish was worth the risk. The entire world is better because of their daring!

Generations of brave Americans have sacrificed and died to protect this gift. Now, it is our turn to carry the torch.

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