Vance Johnson

Vance Johnson is a former wide-receiver for the Denver Broncos, having played with the team from 1985-1995. At the height of his career, Vance was in the throes of an addiction to alcohol and various recreational drugs. This continued for decades, and his experience even led him into a 28-day, medically induced coma. But even after this harrowing ordeal, it would be a long time before Vance achieved long-term sobriety.

To quote him, “In early 2014, I was drunk and driving down the road, crying and screaming to God to help me. I had no money, no kids, no relationships, nothing to leave behind.” It was from this basis that Vance finally began to take his recovery seriously and underwent inpatient addiction treatment.

Beyond his own experience with addiction, Vance also has more than four years’ experience working in addiction recovery. Some of his responsibilities have included:

Behavioral health technician
Group facilitator
Physical trainer
Recovery spokesperson
At the Vance Johnson Recovery Center, we consider ourselves lucky to have access to Vance’s personal experience with addiction as well as his years of addiction recovery expertise.

Today, Vance is drug-and-alcohol-free and encouraging others to get sober. As a Recovery Ambassador, Vance participates in speaking engagements across the country, where he recounts his struggles and offers hope that truly anyone can get sober.

At the Vance Johnson Recovery Center, Vance helps patients work through the same issues he struggled with for years. This may include one-on-one meetings with patients, leading group therapy, or other tasks related to addiction recovery. However he can help people work on their recovery, Vance is ready to do it.