By Mark S. Robertson, Candidate for Congress NV-03

The so-called “American Rescue Plan” ($1.9T COVID relief bill) is plain wrong for America.  It promises to further divide Americans while burying our country in even more debt.  Without even a whiff of bipartisanship, the Democrats passed a bill that is loaded with far-left socialist programs. Here are just a few items that should concern you about this bill.

Deceitful.  Over and over the Democrats claimed the bill is for COVID relief.  However, less than 10% of the funding goes to COVID related expenses.  

Deceitful II.  Democrats claim the bill is “bi-partisan” because 70% of Americans approve of it.  Truth is, 70% of Americans approved of getting “free money” from the government.  They do not approve of the other liberal features of the bill.  Ten Republicans met with President Biden to offer a bill that really was bi-partisan, but he and Senate Democrats rejected it.

Reparations.  The far-left added billions of dollars only for non-white people.  Farmers of color may receive 120% forgiveness of their farm loans.  White farmers can’t even apply.  This means that a farmer of color who borrowed $1,000,000 can receive a government check for $1,200,000.  Not only is this brazenly racist, it will further divide the Country down racial lines.

Incentives not to Work.  The bill extends Federal “kickers” to unemployment benefits.  Many people now make more collecting unemployment than they would make if they went back to work.  

Handout to Unions.  The bill spends $86 billion bailing out union-negotiated multi-employer pension plans.

Expanding Obamacare.  More than $30 billion goes to expanding Obamacare, a long-term Democratic policy goal.

Gives Away to Federal Employees.  Although no Federal worker lost their job during the pandemic, nearly 100% of them will receive $1,400 stimulus checks and extra paid leave.  

Rewards for Incompetence.  The bill provides hundreds of billions to State and local governments.  Those State and Local leaders who have mismanaged their Cities and States get much more than those who were wise stewards.  

Universal Basic Income.  Part of the Rescue plan instructs the IRS to send monthly checks to every household with children who have income below a certain level ($200,000 for single parents and $400,000 to two parents).  Children under six receive $3,600 per year while those children who are 6-17 receive $3,000 per year.  This means a family with four children (two under six and two over six) will receive $1,100 tax-free every month.  The bill treats this as a “tax credit” therefore it is not considered income and will therefore not reduce any other welfare benefits they are receiving.  Although this provision expires after one-year, Democrats are already daring Republicans to oppose making it permanent. 

Adding liberal, socialist programs and nearly $2 trillion more to our National Debt is unforgivable.  We need to do everything we can to restore checks and balances to our Government by sending Republicans to Congress to end one-party rule.

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  1. Please consider not falling for Trumpian lies and tactics and please stick to traditional conservatism. Be a leader, not a follower.

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