By Mark S. Robertson, Candidate for Nevada’s Third Congressional District

What President Biden calls an infrastructure bill, is actually another power grab designed to strengthen Federal Power at the expense of states’ rights.  Socialism and centralized planning, as envisioned by Democrats has failed all over the world.  You only have to look at the consequences and loss of individual freedoms in countries such as Russia, North Korea, China, Iran and Venezuela to see the foley in concentrating power in a one-party central government.  We need to return to the principles of limited government and States Rights.  Here are just a few items in the plan that you should be concerned about:

Deceitful.  In a cunning move, designed to dupe unaware Americans, the Biden Administration is referring to this Federal power grab as an “Infrastructure and Jobs Plan”.   The truth is that less than 30% of the spending in the plan would go to anything resembling traditional infrastructure projects. 

Deceitful II.  This plan looks much more like the “Green New Deal” than it does an infrastructure plan.  What is it about the Green New Deal that causes Democrats to feel that they must deceive and mislead Americans? 

Expansion of Socialism.  Part of the deception is to label social and welfare programs as infrastructure.  The truth is, the plan calls for a $400,000,000,000 expansion to Medicare, $700,000,000,000 for corporate welfare, plus hundreds of billions more for electric vehicles, public housing, childcare, Amtrak and other forms of socialism.  The size of this plan eclipses even Obamacare.

Tax and Spend.  Without even blushing, Democrats are proudly proclaiming that they intend to raise taxes to pay for their “historic” “once in a generation” spending spree. 

Increased Debt and Deficits.  Even with higher taxes, the Democrats admit that it will take 15 years to pay-off the eight years of spending.  In the meantime, the United States will need to borrow or print money to pay for these socialist programs.

Job Loss.  Raising corporate taxes makes US companies less competitive in a global marketplace and leads to job loss and price increases. 

Federal Take Over.  Most true infrastructure projects are local (not National).  Nowhere in the US Constitution will you find a clause that says the Federal Government has a role in fixing pot-holes, building local schools or funding green energy projects.  When the Federal Government doles out “free money” to States and local governments, there are always costly strings and regulations attached, resulting in greater power to Washington bureaucrats. 

Congress should not support President Biden’s desire to create his legacy as the most liberal president in US history.  We need to return to Constitutional principles of limited government, states’ rights, individual responsibility and living within our means.

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  1. Thanks Mark, I love your summary and appreciate the analysis of the infrastructure plan (so-called). I appreciate you as a candidate (and hopefully later as a congressman) bringing succinct information (that is more than just the fluff I usually see from our current senators and representative) to us.

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