Support Our Local Police

By Mark S. Robertson, Candidate for Nevada’s Third Congressional District

The United States Justice System is not systemically racist.  The vast majority of police officers are professional, competent, and devoted to keeping our communities safe.  Each is willing to risk their lives in order to save fellow Americans.  Just as in any profession, there are bad actors who need to be removed.  Sensible reforms are available to support our police while improving their performance.

Of the hundreds of millions of police interactions with the public each year, 99.9974% ended without a fatal shooting by a police officer (Washington Post).  In fact, a police officer is nearly 20 times more likely to be killed by a black male, than an unarmed black male is to be killed by a police officer (FBI statistics).  

African Americans are not unfairly targeted.  The same FBI statistics show that greater than 50% of all violent crimes are committed by African Americans, but less than 25% of fatal shootings are against blacks.  Those who claim police departments are systemically racist are lying.  

The job of a police officer is difficult and dangerous.  Each year, hundreds of officers are injured or killed in the line of duty.  Current liberal attacks on these fine men and women are encouraging many to resign or retire early.  Violent crime is up throughout the country as police officers hesitate to enforce the law in fear of retaliation by uncaring politicians, mobs and media.

That’s not to say that reforms aren’t needed.  Too often, it is difficult for Police Departments to discipline and fire bad cops because of strong union opposition.  Union officials need to recognize that protecting bad cops only hurts the reputation and credibility of the vast majority of officers who are professional and competent.  Local officials should look into other reforms such as curbing or eliminating chokeholds, increasing the use of cameras, and increased transparency in police misconduct investigations.

You and I need to show our local law-enforcement officers that we appreciate their service to our community.  Each day, hundreds of them in Southern Nevada pin on a badge and quietly go about their business of protecting us.  The vast majority of them are good, honest people – just like you and me, with one big difference:  They put their lives on the line to protect us.  We need to speak up in support of our police and against the few, but loud voices who clamor to defund and humiliate them.

Mark is running a grassroots campaign and your donation – whatever the amount – makes a critical difference. If you like what you hear, consider a donation.

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I to endorse Mark Robertson for Congress. I have worked 40 years of Law Enforcement. State, Federal and Local Jurisdictions. I have had the opportunity to work side by side with Mark and have been pleasingly surprised of this candid, honest and respectful man of God, Country and more importantly family man. He is the one for Congress which actually lives in the district he would represent. Meet Mark and you to will VOTE for Mark.

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