Where I Stand

I’m frustrated with the direction of our country. I can no longer sit back and hope someone else will do something about it. That is why I have decided to use my 30 years of military service, my business experience, and my strong ties to our community to run for Congress in Nevada’s First Congressional District. I’m asking to be your Representative in Washington, DC. Therefore, I want to be perfectly clear on what I stand for. 

Mark Robertson on School Choice:

Clark County Public Schools are failing our children. Vast portions of our children are not performing at grade level. Wealthy families have the option to send their children to private schools. I believe all parents, regardless of their income, should have the right to decide which education option is best for their children. That might be public, private, charter, co-op, or home schooling.

As your Representative in Congress, I will fight to eliminate the US Department of Education and block grant the $86 billion they spend each year back to the States, in the form of vouchers so that all parents have access to the education funds needed to send their children to schools that are working.

Mark Robertson on Inflation and the Economy:

I have a degree in finance and an MBA. I’ve taught finance at UNLV. I know how the economy works, and I know how to balance a budget. We cannot allow the US Government to continue to print and spend money we don’t have! Their reckless and out-of-control spending has caused high inflation which makes it hard for Nevada families to buy groceries and gas.

As your Representative in Congress, I will fight to balance the budget. I will work hard to eliminate waste, fraud, and abuse so that we do not burden our children and grandchildren with trillions of dollars of debt. I will fight to reduce government regulations that strangle small businesses.

Mark Robertson on Crime:

Crime is rising in cities and States led by liberal elected officials. Our brave men and women in law enforcement are under attack by radicals who call for defunding the police. Left-wing prosecutors are releasing criminals back into our neighborhoods.

As your Representative in Congress, I will fight for laws that give law enforcement the resources they need to keep our community safe. I will support securing our border to stop the flow of drugs, gangs, and guns into our community. I will fight for legislation that holds prosecutors accountable for their reckless actions.

As your Representative I will stand for SCHOOL CHOICE, for a STRONG ECONOMY, and for a SAFE COMMUNITY.

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