Joe Chronister

Law Enforcement Advisor, Retired Chief of Police

Joe Chronister spent over twenty-five years with the North Las Vegas Police Department, where he retired as the Chief of Police in 2015. Since his retirement, he has worked part-time as a deputy constable for Clark County. Joe spent a little over seven and a half years in the US Air Force as a weapons loader. His last three years were on the Stealth Fighter program while it was still a black project in the Nevada desert. While in the Air Force, Joe held a Top-Secret security clearance with access to Special Compartmental Information. He got out of the Air Force on a Friday and began the police academy the very next Monday morning. For the past four years, Joe has been a volunteer basketball coach at Thurman White Middle School. He has a degree in Criminal Justice from California Coast University and has completed Executive and Leadership training at Northwestern University Police Staff and Command school and the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

Joe and his wife Cindy have been married for over thirty-five years. They have been in Southern Nevada for thirty-four years. They have three sons. They are active in their church and have just completed a two-year service mission as Addiction Recovery Program (ARP) leaders.