The Economy

Strengthening the Economy

The United States has had the strongest economy in the world.  We have earned this position through the innovation, hard work and entrepreneurial freedoms of the American people.  However, though we lead the world, it does not mean that all Americans are thriving.  We must do all that we can to support people who are willing to work, and business owners who take the risks of opening new businesses.  We need to protect our people and businesses from unfair trade practices, technology theft, and burdensome government regulations.  We must focus on creating opportunities for meaningful employment for all citizens, while helping small and local businesses create jobs.

After leaving active duty with the Army, I worked nine years as an employee and then Director at NV Energy.  In 2001 I left the corporate world to start my own small business.  Along with my brother-in-law, we purchased a small auto repair shop, but this business venture failed.  Never one to quit, I used my college degrees to start a financial planning business.  This business was very successful, as I used my knowledge of finance to help hundreds of individuals, families and businesses secure a more prosperous future for themselves.  Having successfully worked in big corporations, and then learning hard lessons in small business, I understand the challenges that Nevada businesses face.

As your representative in Congress, I will use my experience in the business world to develop policies that strengthen our economy while benefiting both workers and business owners.