Caring for seniors

Our Senior Citizens have made tremendous contributions and sacrifices for each of us. They have made our communities and nation the greatest in history. Honoring and revering these valuable members of our society is our sacred obligation.

In 2017, while I was on a military deployment overseas, my father passed away at age 80, leaving my mom as a widow. When I returned home, my wife and I renovated our home so that my mom could move in with us. I understand the vital importance of strengthening Medicare and Social Security so that it can continue to support Seniors for generations to come.

As your representative in Congress, I will protect and strengthen Medicare and Social Security so that we can deliver the promised benefits that our Senior Citizens have earned. While protecting entitlements for American’s over age 55, I will look for entitlement reform that can shore up benefits for future generations, without increasing government debt.

other Stances

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