Foreign Policy and Military Engagement

America’s place in the world is the result of our economic strength, our superior military, the generosity of our people and our defense of freedom around the globe. Since the end of World War II, Americans have earned this leadership position while helping other countries enjoy similar levels of economic success and personal freedoms. As a result, American diplomats have been able to negotiate from a position of moral, economic and military strength.

I served as a Senior Military Advisor to a State Department team deployed in support of operations in Syria. My son, Steve and I served together in Iraq. I know from personal experience the price of war and understand that we should only send troops into a foreign country when there is a significant threat to American interests. Before committing forces, the President should confer with Congress to ensure the American people support such an action. The best chance for peace is a strong American Military.

As your representative in Congress, I will fight to maintain our position as the greatest military on earth. I will work hard to regain the Constitutional Role of Congress to declare War. I will be restrained in approving funding for US involvement in foreign conflicts. I will encourage the use of “soft power” tools such as diplomatic, information, economic and alliances before engaging the military. However, if our Nation is threatened or attacked, I will encourage a strong and swift military response.

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