Recent events of the 2020 election have raised legitimate concerns about the integrity and fairness of the electoral process. Congress should conduct an extensive bipartisan review of the security, fairness and integrity of the election process, with the goal of guaranteeing as much as possible that the vote of each eligible, legal voter is easily cast and accurately counted. This review should consider the implications and potential risks of extensive mail-in voting and extended voting periods. Steps should then be taken to correct weaknesses and institute security measures to protect the integrity of this most important democratic process. 

I was deployed to the middle east when the people of Iraq were given the right and ability to vote. To ensure voters only voted once, they had to dip a finger in indelible ink. If a war-torn country, like Iraq can insure election integrity, so can the United States. American citizens are required to show government-issued identification for many aspects of life. It is only common sense to expect voter-ID for one of the most important activities of a Democracy – exercising the right to vote. 

As your representative in Congress, I will support Federal legislation which protects the election process in Nevada and across the country.

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