Contract with Nevada


Strengthen Families

Government policies should be designed to encourage strong, stable family units without dictating personal choices and practices.  Strong families mean strong communities which lead to a strong Nevada and a strong United States of America.


School Choice

  Eliminate the Federal Department of Education, then block grant the billions they spend to the States to be used for education funding. Allow parents the ability to choose which school option is best for their child. This may be public, private, co-op, magnet, charter or homeschool. Education dollars should then follow the student.


Fight for Individual Freedoms

  Fight to protect all individual freedoms granted in the Bill of Rights, including Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press, Freedom to bear Arms, etc.  Modern technology has created monopolies with unchecked power over the accumulation, dissemination and content of virtually all human information.  Ensure that this unprecedented power does not infringe on privacy and competition or unduly influence elections and freedom of speech. 


Put Americans First

Only support legislation which puts America and Americans first.  Every policy or law passed by Congress should be for the benefit of Americans.  In our dealings with foreign governments, Congress must ensure that we put the interests and welfare of Americans ahead of all other considerations.  As a country, we can best help the people of the world by setting a good example of living by conservative principles; living within our means, strengthening families, protecting individual liberties, and unleashing businesses from oppressive government regulations.


Maintain a Strong and Modern Military

Provide funding to keep our military the best on earth while taking care of veterans who sacrificed to keep America free.  The best guarantee for peace is a strong military which discourages aggressors and enemies from challenging the United States and our interests.  Congress must insist that our NATO allies contribute to their own defense by meeting their defense budget obligations.


  Control Inflation with a Balanced Budget

  Support an amendment to the Constitution that would require a balanced budget unless sanctioned by a two-thirds vote in both houses of Congress.  As a nation, we must get our budget and debt under control.  The Federal deficit is approaching $30 trillion and growing by billions (even trillions) each year.  Printing and spending money we don’t have is the biggest contributor to inflation. Families find it difficult to pay for gas and groceries.  The problem is that politicians are afraid to be honest with their constituents.  These politicians ignore the problem and pass it along to future generations.  They pass “take-it-or-shut-down-the-government” spending bills, while refusing to do the hard work of examining every program within the budget.  All the while, the financial position of the Nation continues to deteriorate.  It is now one of our top national security issues.


  Strengthen Social Security and Medicare

  Protect and strengthen Medicare and Social Security so that we can deliver the promised benefits that our Senior Citizens have earned.  While protecting entitlements for Americans over age 55, develop entitlement reform that can shore up benefits for future generations, without increasing government debt.


Secure Our Borders

  Strengthen current measures to control our borders – turn off the illegal flow of people coming into our country.  This is a matter of national security.  A country that does not control who is coming in, puts the security of its citizens at risk.  Immediately end chain-migration, visa lotteries and vacation-birth citizenship.  Develop a simplified legal status verification system that allows employers to know whether a prospective employee is in the United States legally.


Insist on Term Limits

  Limit terms to no more than twelve years.  America does not need a permanent political class.  Congress should be made up of citizens who serve for a limited time and then return to their communities to live under the laws they have created.  Nevada got this right.  In Nevada politicians are limited to 12 years in any office.  Enactment at the federal level requires a constitutional amendment. Limit service in Congress to 12 years (6 terms in the House; 2 terms in the Senate) Also, eliminate Federal pensions for elected and politically-appointed officials. 


Support Law Enforcement

  The Democrats’ defund-the-police movement, coupled with disastrous liberal policies that release criminals back on to our streets is causing record levels of violent crime throughout our country. We support the men and women in law enforcement by giving them the resources they need to keep our communities safe.