The Mark Robertson for congress advisor council

Bruce Woodbury – Campaign Chairman

Bonnie Anderson, EA

Ken Alber

Dr. Jennifer Chow

Joe Chronister

James Cahill

Timothy Downer, CPA

Chad Fears

Michelle Friedel

John Garner, CPA

Don Gifford

Jamie Gist

Dr. Jeffery Hadley

Kurt Harris

Steven Hawkes

Ivan and Karen Holland

Wayne Horlacher

Dr. Kevin Hyer

Karen Ostler

Vance Johnson

Nick Willden

Jerry Markling

Michael McCracken

Paul and Siri Workman

Lou Richards

Matt Pfau

Keith Pickard

Mary Beth Scow

Steve Scow

Holly Hoffman Spears

Simon Seelig

Dr. Steven Shaw

COL Dan Still

Dave Ford

Mary Kaye Welch

Rodney S. Woodbury

Sean Marshall

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