Don Gifford

Don considers himself a native of southern Nevada, having moved here as a 3-year-old.  Nearly all are surprised when they learn that in the 1020s, grandparents Brigham and Mary Hughs Hardy, grew and nurtured nearly 40 acres of sugar cane near the intersection of Bonanza and Rancho Road. 

Following the sale of his contracting and design firm in the mid-nineties, Don has been retained as an expert in support of litigation on more than 1,100 occasions. He and his associates opine with regard to electrical, mechanical, general construction, and economic matters. 

Don obtained a BS from BYU, a master’s degree from Ashford University, and studied general engineering on a post-graduate level. He is a military veteran, a student of the piano, loves both classical and historical literature, and, along with his wife Ramona, enjoys wonderful family relationships.