A History of NV Congressional Races

Republicans in Nevada have a history of losing Congressional races that they should have won. The reason is that we don’t elect the primary candidate with the best chance of winning in the general election.

 Here’s a bit of history:

Until a few months ago, much of what is now in Nevada’s First Congressional District (CD-1), used to be in CD-3. During the last three election cycles, although Republicans in CD-3 had a numerical advantage over the Democrats, we still lost.

How can this be?

It is because the Democrats spent millions of dollars highlighting the flaws in the Republican candidates. That’s all they had to do. They didn’t have to campaign on their own merits.

For example, two years ago our candidate was “Big Dan” Rodimer, a professional wrestler who moved to Las Vegas to run for Congress. You may recall that the Democrat, Susie Lee, spent $4.7 million on ads that played a 911 tape in which Rodimer’s wife could be heard saying something to the effect of: “My husband is beating me, again. Come save me.” Dan lost by 3% in a district in which Republicans had a 4% advantage.

The Republican candidate for the two elections before Big Dan was Danny Tarkanian. Democrats spent millions of dollars publicizing reports of questionable financial and ethical issues that surrounded Danny. Danny lost in a district where Republicans had a numerical advantage.

As philosopher George Santayana said: “Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it.”

Let’s make sure that we’ve learned our lesson. This year, let’s elect the Republican with the best chance of beating the Democrat incumbent, Dina Titus. Let’s make sure that we don’t elect a candidate with obvious flaws that the Democrats can exploit. 

For example:

A recent poll of CD-1 voters shows that more than 90% of voters agree or strongly agree with the statement: “Members of Congress should live among the people they represent and should have deep ties to the community.” Five of the Republicans running in CD-1 do not even live in CD-1. Let’s not elect someone who Dina Titus can label as a “carpet-bagger.”

Dina Titus is a career politician. Today, there is a strong distaste for career politicians. Voters see career politicians as a big part of the problem. In the same survey cited above, 90% of voters agreed that we should have term limits. Two of the Republicans running in CD-1 will not be able to criticize Dina Titus because they themselves are also career politicians.

If we are serious about getting a Republican elected in CD-1, we must learn from history. We must elect the Republican with the best chance of defeating Dina Titus.

That person is me: Mark Robertson.

I will defeat Dina Titus.

Don’t just take my word for it. Last week, the Cook Political Report looked at the 8 candidates running in the CD-1 Republican primary. They determined that I was the one best positioned to defeat Dina Titus. They said: “DC GOP strategists increasingly believe Robertson could be Titus’s toughest foe.”

I promise you, there are no 911 tapes in my past. Lesly and I have been happily married for nearly 40 years. There are no financial or ethical issues in my past either. I owned a financial planning firm for over twenty years without one single customer complaint.

Dina will not be able to label me as an opportunist. I have deep ties to CD-1. Lesly and I raised our family here. We owned a small business here. We have lived here for more than 30 years. I am well known in the community.

I will be able to highlight Dina’s status as a “career politician” without any hypocrisy. This is the first time I’ve ever run for public office. I have already signed the term limit pledge.

If Dina decides to attack me, she will have to go after a 30-year bronze star war veteran who is a family man and a small business-owner with deep ties to the people in the district who is running for no other reason than to defend the American dream.

Tuesday, June 14th is the last day that you can vote in the 2022 Republican primary election. This is your chance to elect the Republican best positioned to turn this seat red again!

Vote for Mark Robertson in CD-1. 

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